Handmade jewelry from glass made by artist Ilkka Leino in Pori

You can dress yourself in our beautiful, unique handmade jewelry and get the feeling of Finnish nature, wild colors and unique design

Our company Heuwerk designs and manufactures glass jewelry with the power and imagination  of two jewelery artists. Their unique art is made of genuine glass from the famous island of Murano in Venice.  From it, they melt and shape beads of different shapes, and assemble them into jewelery in the glass studio in Pori.

”We get our inspiration from thousands of lakes in our country.  Finnish nature, with its forests, seas, hills and rivers, is transferred to jewelery in fabulous colors, various shapes. The atmosphere, piece and energy in the jewelry can be sensed.”

If you want to get jewelry with your own design, give us a call or send us e-mail. You can also come visit our store. You can even make a bead yourself and we will turn it to a beautiful jewelry.

Making beautiful by hand and delighting customers

We have always done something with our hands, earlier from wood and nowadays from glass.  As jewelers, we are fascinated by the fact that we can design and make beautiful things for our customers and we know that they are happy and that is the most important thing for us.

Our handmade glass jewelry has found way to customers all around the world.  People in America, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand are wearing our beauties.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and, for example, napkin rings, key chains and other products are part of our wide range.  Get it from our online store as your own, as a gift or ask for jewelry as a custom order.  You can also come visit our studio. 

Get yours, too. Visit our webshop, send us e-mail or just simply call me:

  • Ilkka +358(0)40 7448190 (Finnish, English, Germany and Swedish) ilkka.leino@oplog.fi
  • Elwira +358(0)40 9647008 (Finnish, English) eija.winter@elisanet.fi
  • Ismo +358(0)50 0756387 (only domestic market)

Everytime jewelry leaves our studio, we die. Every jewelry is a small part from our heart.

But when they get a new life, it’s like a Fenix-Bird coming out from hot ashes. 

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